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Project Toru 2021

Artworks by Project Toru participants.

Project Toru ran for three weeks full time from 26 October until 12 November. Participants explored their creative process, with clay, design, creative writing, dance and music which was then presented to whānau, friends and community supporters on Thursday 11 November.

Project Toru participants and artists delved into exploring their authentic voice, and the joy of creating as a form of self expression. Our focus was establishing a solid support network, and to create continued opportunities in the community to develop our creative practice. We are also designing a community resource book for women navigating the justice system.

"Thank you to all our Home Ground participants for sharing your beautiful mahi with our community and our supporters at our Project Toru presentation day. It was a magical day and we appreciated you, your bravery and the power of telling the truth," Jacqui Moyes, Home Ground Creative Director and facilitator.

Taryn Beri, tā moko artist and Christine Fagan, ceramic artist, on Project Toru.

Our creative sessions

Project Toru is an opportunity to try different art forms with different artists, in a beautiful community space. Thanks to our amazing collaborations there was a huge amount of work created over the three weeks.

It was a privilege to have Taryn Beri, tā moko artist, join Home Ground at the Pasifika Hub, sharing her creative process. Taryn spoke about her journey with Tā Moko, creating meaningful designs and how we turn our stories into works of art. It inspired many beautiful artworks and connection to our life stories.

Christine Fagan, ceramic artist, returned to Project Toru to share her love for clay, and how it supports us to reconnect to Papatūānuku. We always feel blessed to have Christine in our space, supporting us to create and trust the shapes we make.

During week two on Project Toru we delved into self-expression, collaborations, movement and writing.

Rosanne Leota, in our brand new Home Ground creative role, delivered a Creative Writing workshop on different ways to find our authentic voice.

We shared creative works (writing, spoken word, drawings, paintings) with Java Dance Theatre. The Java crew came back to the space with their response to our art works with so much care and love that it was met with tears and gratitude. What a gift!

Thank you artists, thank you wāhine, your collaboration is truly the magic that is Home Ground.

Java Dance Theatre collaborate with Project Toru participants, written words to music and dance.

Home Ground Online Pilot

Anna Wooles, our new Online Classroom facilitator connected with participants across Aotearoa, using Google Classroom. We even posted out art kits to our online participants to get them started and share the Home Ground love of all things arty!

A huge thank you to our participants who joined us in the Home Ground Online Google classroom. Joining us from Whanganui, Wellington City and Dunedin, we admired what you achieved and were blown away by the work you produced. Thank you for helping us to test out and develop the classroom in real time, which enabled us to stay true to the Home Ground kaupapa of 'nothing about us without us'.

It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to share Project Toru with wāhine who can’t be with us in Lower Hutt. Massive thanks to Manatū Taonga for the funding that made this dream a reality for our Home Ground crew.

Anna says "it was awesome to see that we can give wāhine throughout Aotearoa a taste of Home Ground and spark some inspiration for their creative journeys."

Anna Wooles, our new Online Classroom facilitator.

Thank you

Thank you to Manatū Toanga Ministry for Culture & Heritage, Creative New Zealand, Department of Corrections, Zonta District 16 and St John's for the funding, support and trust in our mahi.

Coming up next...

We are now moving into four weeks of our maintenance phase for Project Toru. Our focus is on how we carve out time and space to incorporate creativity and wellbeing into our every day life. We have to keep the magic alive and strong with us!

We will be developing a new resource for women navigating the justice system in the community, and keep an eye out for us at Fringe 2022!

Stay tuned for our next CARE workshops, Wellington City 8/9/10 December (as long as Covid-19 doesn't get in our way...)

Jacqui Moyes, Home Ground Creative Director, Tana Pohe, Home Ground's new Wellbeing Navigator and Anna Wooles, Online Classroom facilitator.


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