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Home Ground - eau de parfum!

The Home Ground scent and multimedia artist and autodidactic scent smith Nathan Taare.

The Home Ground whānau just did our first collaboration with scent!

We worked with OF BODY: an aromatic future-perfume lab based in Aotearoa, NZ.

Based in Te Whanganui-a-tara, Wellington and the brainchild of multimedia artist and autodidactic scent smith Nathan Taare. Nathan calls it "Earth-grown exploration into the universe of olfactive artistry."

This idea was conceived when Anna (Home Ground creative Queen) approached Nathan about creating a scent for Home Ground which speaks to the kaupapa of calmness and grounding.

The Home Ground perfume was made from materials that produce the effect of the New Zealand bush.

Nathan's first response to the brief was: Totara wood. It turned out that Totara was a common wood discussed within the Project Toru sessions. The perfume was born out of synchronicity!

Nathan created an accord that consisted of Totara wood oil, Tarata gum tincture and Kanuka oil.

Tarata gum that was gifted to Nathan by Taonga Pūoro artist Al Fraser, was made into a tincture and added for its calming effect, lift and invigorating, citrus like top notes.

Kanuka was added for body and depth - a darker, woodier note with a very typical Aotearoa feel.

Other perfume ingredients were added to provide modernism, power and fixation.

  • Firsantol, which is a stunning sandalwood note, was added to the Totara.

  • Fine Bergamot oil was added to the overall perfume to provide more diffusion and energy in the air.

  • Hedione, which is a stunning jasmine ingredient, was added to the Kanuka to enhance the floral note. Hedione is one aromatic ingredient that is considered pheromone-like.

  • Frankincense and Cedar were added to provide a bit of a heart impression. Filling the core and supporting the resinous and fresh notes of the Tarata gum.

Nathan says the intended feel of the perfume is that it's like Rongoā. Healing by allowing you a moment to forget everything for a second and ground yourself. Feelings of tranquility from smelling the smell of lush bush, ozone and atmosphere, specifically in Aotearoa.

Thank you Nathan for this amazing collaboration with the Home Ground whānau.


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