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Online classroom


Define our own creative identity and who we want to be


Use creative processes to engage, nurture trust and build strong foundations



There is a clear understanding of our own creative process, and a set of personalised creative tools to help us shape our future

Online 2022

Online classroom 2022

Home Ground is running an online Creativity and Wellbeing Programme in 2022!


Making our programmes accessible online means Home Ground can keep running our programme in the tough times -  when it's hard to be together, like a lockdown situation, or you are not feeling well enough to get to our community space. 


PLUS this means that if you are released from Arohata Prison to other towns and cities you can still stay connected with us in our online classroom!


Our intention is that participants from all over New Zealand can connect online in real time to arts and wellbeing workshops. This also allows people to access resources and workshops created by Home Ground, participate in an online community and share their creative achievements.


Extra bonus news! Our dedicated artist who will run the online classroom is Anna Wooles. She has joined Home Ground for this new challenge, and is a crafty ninja who can make everything out of nothing!


What do I do in a Home Ground Workshop?


You can join us online through Google Classroom (Anna can help you figure out the tech stuff) during the day to work with different artists, learn about yourself and your creative process, and develop your strengths.

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Project Tahi 2022

Online Expressions

Expression of interest



Click here (or the button below) to fill out the form and let us know your interest in joining us for Project Tahi 2022 online. 


If you or anyone you know wants to join, you can connect with us from Arohata Prison, your Probation Office and community groups working in the reintegration space.


There are 10 online spaces available in each workshop.


For more info you can email us directly at


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"The resources here that remain once the day ends... GOLDEN!  I can come back again and again to look, re-check, re-affirm, edit or add at my pleasure - awesomely inspired content and mahi Anna! Home Ground - you rock!”

- Online Classroom Participant 

Online classroom 2021

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage Mānatu Taonga granted funding to Home Ground to create a brand new Home Ground online classroom. 


The online classroom is not only a great tool for Home Ground to engage new participants

nationwide and therefore grow our reach and impact, but it is also a tool of resilience and

adaptability to our practice during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 


Should Home Ground crew members, participants, or collaborating artists be required to isolate at home or become unwell, the online classroom ensures Home Ground has the flexibility and resources to respond and support them to remain connected and in the Home Ground space, virtually.


Our intention was that participants from all over New Zealand could connect online in real time to arts and wellbeing workshops. This also allows participants to access resources and workshops created and uploaded by Home Ground, participate in a healthy online community and upload and share their creative achievements.


In October 2021, the online classroom was trialed for the first time, run alongside Project Toru. Project Toru was an in-person, or ‘live’ community project based in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Both the online and the live Project Toru ran full time, with arts and wellbeing workshops running all day Tuesday - Friday for 3 weeks. Workshops included sculpting air dry clay, creative writing, poetry, drawing, tā moko design and storytelling, as well as wellbeing techniques and resources.



or talk to your case manager or probation officer.

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