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Project Rua 2021: Actions Speak Louder than Words (video)

"Actions Speak Louder than Words" is a collaboration between artists and women, inside and outside of Arohata Women's Prison, during their time on Home Ground's Project Rua.

Project Rua ran over seven weeks, with an intensive 3 week series of creative and well-being workshops. We co-created a show where women have the opportunity to tap into their specific creative talents, reflect upon their life experience, and address some of the challenges they face in the system.

During Project Rua we used a strengths-based approach and creative arts practice (visual arts, creative writing, photography, performing arts and music) to create a performance for the 2021 Arohata Matariki Concert.

This video showcases a music piece from the larger live 12 minute performance, "A Woman's Own".

Project Rua 2021 is now wrapped up and we look forward to Project Toru starting on 26 October.

Thank you to Creative New Zealand for funding our core projects.


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