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Project Tahi 2021

Home Ground is a creativity and wellbeing programme for women who are in the justice system. Each programme uses creative arts practice, such as photography, creative writing, clay work and music, as a non-threatening, strengths-based approach to self-empowerment, community connectedness and wellbeing.

Project Tahi is an opportunity to try out different art forms with different artists, in a beautiful community space, with other women. Participants will learn more about themselves and the creative process.

Project Tahi starts on Tuesday 23 March, 9:30am. There are spaces available for 10 women. We finish on Friday 9th April, and then run maintenance workshops.

Our Vision: Women in the justice system discover their value and purpose through the power of creativity

Our Purpose: Women are empowered to activate social change and create better lives for themselves, their children and future generations

Our Mission: Provide the space and opportunities women need to explore their artistic talent, engage in creative processes and access high-quality arts and artists, and support them to create healthy, happy homes

Our Promise: To enable women to safely learn about themselves and their life stories through creativity

If you are interested in participating, please get in touch (home or talk to your Probation Officer.

You can read more about Tahi 2020 on our projects page.


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