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Our Home Ground Workbook - the journey of 140 pages....

Welcome to your workbook

Your creative sanctuary

Carve yourself into these pages….

There is something so very special when receiving a gift that just keeps on giving. Even more so when there is the ability to further add and record the beauty unfolding.

Our collaboration with 5ever has been one of those sparks that will continue to shine and re-shine - in the words of one of our wahine: "Well I found what I was looking for ... this is a real gem of a book and it actually doesn't need much of an intro ... Roimata .... Enjoy…”

Knowing the journey of those 140 pages from conception to including pearls of wisdom from past participants, thought provoking creative exercises, artist’s contributions and grounding reflections, is all part of the Home Ground majik. This is the story of the first Home Ground Workbook through the eyes of 5ever, our collaborators who designed, printed and published our workbooks:

“When we first met with Anna and Jacqui it was just about gifting them a few free books and maybe printing some pamphlets for them. But we quickly converged on a common vision of art practice as a transformative force. Ideas bubbled up and soon enough they roped us into their Project Tahi, with the task of designing and making art workbooks for the participants.

Usually we take our sweet time to churn out a book - but here the deadline was tight. With that sense of urgency, we jumped in head first and went full throttle for just over a week, transforming the Home Ground team's ideas into a fully designed 140 pg art workbook that was ready-to-print.

Eventually we were ready to print and bind. On that day we were surprised with yet again great manifestations of fellowship. Whānau came to help, and Anna dropped us lunch made by Common Sense Organics!

What fills us with great joy still, is the way the Home Ground team worked with us in full accord with their principles of care, integrity and inclusiveness. Not that they'd have it any other way! This aspect of their transformative practice we found almost... subversive!

As publishers we often wonder about our role, and land on a definition like: "raise voices using the book object." Seems like we did just that. We're so delighted to hear that the first round of art workbooks have been received well, and we can't wait to continue working with the Home Ground team!”

And on that note, 5ever - thank you for your generosity, collaboration and especially sharing your magic with us - this story is to be continued….

Thank you to all our amazing contributors, Pip, Te Aue, Roseanne, Joey La Meche, NM, MT, we couldn't do any of this without our awesome community.


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