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Home Ground Creative Resilience COVID-19 workshops.

Home Ground is running a series of workshops in October, November and December. These creative resilience workshops are funded by the Ministry for Women’s COVID-19 Community Fund. This fund supports work that improves outcomes for women and girls and addresses needs that have arisen as a result of COVID-19. 

As a result of the impact of Covid, we have seen an increase in anxiety and isolation. Financial pressure has increased for some families, and this in turn creates pressure in the home. Our workshops aim to provide a safe, nurturing space that encourages community well-being. Many families are struggling right now, and we want to relieve pressure and instigate some self care practice for women in the justice system.

Because these Covid support workshops are three days at a time (not the 8 weeks of the other Home Ground programmes), we have the flexibility to try some new art forms, and get a sense of PLAY and FUN back. This is all about feeling good in the moment, taking a break from the stress, and tapping into different resources to get us through this tough time. When women get space for themselves, they are better equipped to support others. With so many women being the backbone of a healthy family, they need to be cared for too. 

The October workshops are a chance for women in the justice system to engage with Home Ground and try out new art forms. We worked with the amazing clay artist Christine Fagan. We did storytelling with Pip Adam and sound workshops with Ruby Maehinepunui Solly. We even did an arts and crafts session looking at how we make Christmas presents from recycled objects. 

In November we will be delivering workshops in Arohata Prison, to support whānau connection during the holiday season. We are working with Pip Adam to make text-based gifts, and Fraser Crichton with visual arts, to explore different ways to send paper-based presents back to whānau.

The December workshops will be three days of making art and christmas presents. This will hopefully relieve a bit of the financial pressure around this time of year, and get us back to basics with the true spirit of this precious family time.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this possible, especially the Ministry for Women, we have been blessed to be able to provide such essential community support at this time.


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