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Farewell to our Phoebe!

Our beautiful Phoebe is off on a new exciting adventure!

Very sad for us - but so happy for her, as we were really lucky to have her with Home Ground for as long as we did.

Phoebe started her journey with Home Ground in 2019, back at the very beginning. Starting with us as a volunteer, Phoebe designed our evaluation and documentation process. She collected data, designed understandable graphs for beautiful reports and helped us shape the way we tell our Home Ground story.

Phoebe was a champion of process, so became our operations assistant. Keeping Jacqui on track, the kitchen busy, and dreams achievable. Nothing can be done without the queen behind the scenes!!

Phoebe worked on so many community and prison projects, Artists hui's, Fringe Festival and advocacy events, always ready to jump in and do what needed to be done. The real conversations happen over the cup of tea - and Phoebe (much like her awesome Dad William) was always ready for a good chat and a kind smile.

Phoebe graduated with her Masters in Psychology during all of this hard mahi, and is now moving on to become an even stronger advocate for social justice and the importance of respect and inclusion- 2 things very important to her. Congratulations on her fantastic new job as a data analyst for The Independent Children's Monitor.

Some messages of love for you!

Phoebe your journey continues and you will be greatly missed, with every step you take you will bloom.

To walk a day in your Home Ground shoes truly shows the commitment and care you've provided as a solid foundation for us to build on. You will definitely be missed but those Phoebe sprinkles will be a part of our every day way. Many blessings to you for this next part of your journey … you got this! Alofatele atu ❤️

We will miss her, and probably be a little lost for a while - but it is her time to shine in the big world outside of Home Ground. You go Phoebe!! All of us are right behind you!

Haere i runga I te aroha me te rangimārie Phoebe ❤️ Nui te aroha mai I a Home Ground ki a koe ❤️


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