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A new home for Home Ground!

We are beyond stoked to announce that we have a home for Home Ground in 2023,

Home Ground HQ has relocated!!

Karanga mai Omārōrō (Newtown) We look forward to getting to know all our new neighbours and the surrounding community to introduce you to our kaupapa and the majik of wellbeing through creativity.

A huge thanks to the Wellington City Council team (Sophie, Jamie and Alex) for your manakitanga and sweet organising skills! We are so thankful to be able to settle down in 2023. We have all had a tough few years- so a safe, sweet, clean, warm, sunny space to be is just what Home Grounders need, thank you.

We are in the middle of beautifying and settling in to our space, and getting ready to welcome everyone into the new Home Ground HQ. You can come join us for some weaving, music and the classic Home Ground Majik real soon, probably early March.

Having a new home in Newtown, means we will be able to run more consistent programmes, more often! We will be running shorter three-day projects, and a regular weekly check in online and in person.

For more info on our change in programmes, please email us at

Arohanui to the wāhine who believe in us and the Home Ground hāpori that supported us to get here!


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