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Matariki gift for our friends and whānau! Project Toru video release

To celebrate Matariki we would like to share with you our Project Toru video created by the Home Ground collective last year.

This short film was made in response to the statement "He kākano: The magic seeds of the circle" "We all bring something to the table, we all have those magic seeds, it is what we choose to put in the circle that matters. We wanted to bring our space to life, to show what we bring to the table. How do we do that? With a boil up."

In June 2020, with the reality of ongoing Covid-19 challenges, we decided to move the Home Ground content online. Having an online platform means we can advocate for the importance of art and creativity, and to address some of the challenges women and whānau face in the justice system.

Women on the programme can share their creative work with whānau through our website, social media and You Tube Channel. This is incredibly important to the Home Ground kaupapa of family connection, as whānau sharing this work means that more conversations can be had about what women are experiencing in the justice system, and how this may affect their home-coming.

Our digital pieces are intended to instigate conversations. Our hopes and intentions are, as one participant said: “That the creativity born of our lived experiences is recognised not only as showcases in courage and growth, but also as a wellspring to inform conversations for women, about women and with women; throughout the justice and corrections space.”

Credits: Creative content written and performed by the Home Ground Collective

Featured dancers from Java Dance Company featuring Ella Williams, Kia Jewell, Emma Coppersmith, with thanks to Sacha Copland for her support

Director of photography - Pikihuia Haenga

Director of film / sound design- Vanessa Stacey

Editor - Jamie Berry

Sound Recording - Aimmee Martin

Soundscape design - Dan James

Set design - Anna Wooles

Taonga Puoro - Ruby Hinepunui Solly

Audio Engineer - Gil Eva Craig

Whenever we watch these videos we reflect and appreciate our time together. We share this video with you to honour Matariki as a time of remembrance, reflection and the importance of whānau to keep the home fires burning.


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