Job available at Home Ground: Wellbeing Navigator

Home Ground is looking for a wellbeing navigator to work with us! We are running three projects this year, two in the Lower Hutt community, and one in Arohata Prison Tawa.

We want to find that magic person who understands the value of community connection, lived experience and the importance of creativity. It is a flexible role that we will shape to suit your strengths.

We are looking for someone with the following skills:

- social work, counselling or clinical experience

- understands the impact of trauma on mental health and addiction

- group work experience

- interest in facilitation and group work

- experience working with Whānau

- clear understanding of Te Whare Tapa Whā

- can demonstrate your knowledge and application of Tikanga Māori and Pasifika values

- values relationships with other organisations

- experienced in trauma-informed practice

- has some experience in the prison/probation/justice system

- understands the importance of creative practice and wellbeing

- Knows how to have fun, while maintaining boundaries.

Ideally, we would find someone who could work on all three of our projects as a contractor.

Project Tahi starts March 23rd in Lower Hutt, finished April 9th.

This role would be 2 days per week, Tuesday and Friday, 9am -2:30pm.

Project Rua is June/July, in Arohata Prison Tawa.

This role would be 2 days per week, Monday and Friday, 9am -4pm.

Project Toru is in October/November in Lower Hutt.

This role would be 2 days per week, Tuesday and Friday, 9am -2:30pm per day.

There are extra hours available in Artist support and training work, and in our maintenance programme which runs once a week for four weeks after the main project has finished.

If you are interested, please get in touch!

Picture by a participant on the Ministry for Women Covid-19 creative resilience workshops.